About Us


When Matthew Phipps formed Mak Power, he had a groundbreaking vision in mind: to provide quality and reliable service at an affordable price. Matthew is confident that his family-run and family-owned business has provided and will continue to supply just that.

The Mak Power electrical contractor serves the people of Perth, WA and the surrounding areas; they have a stellar reputation for providing responsive, accurate, and professional service on time and within your budget. At Mak Power, the staff takes pride in communicating clearly and delivering results in a timely manner to exceed clients’ expectations.

When forming this company, Matthew strongly focused on these key elements:

  • Top quality, hassle free, and accurate service
  • Responsive and reliable staff
  • Timely completion of projects with affordable and competitive rates

Their success is a direct result of their commitment and dedication to you, their customer, and the high standards of performance they maintain in producing an unsurpassed quality product.

In a market that is constantly developing and growing, Mak Power continually builds their resource base to ensure complete customer satisfaction. No matter what your need is, from lighting in a family home, to complete installation at an industrial site, Mak Power guarantees they can and will satisfy your needs. There is no project too big or too small; every project is treated with integrity and pride.

At MAK Power, we consistently meet our customers’ requirements in terms of cost, pricing, and timeliness. Contact us today, and get your project needs completed with assured satisfaction!

MAK Power electrical contractors serve the Perth,WA and surrounding areas.